George Windholz

prepared by W. Jeffrey Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer, Pavlovian Society

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(Please see a Tribute to George Windholz prepared by John Furedy and read at the annual meeting of the Pavlovian Society, September 27, 2003.)

George Windholz, a long-time member of the Pavlovian Society and one of the world's foremost scholars of Pavlov passed away in the fall of 2002.  At the time of his death he was Professor Emeritus of psychology at the University of North Carolina - Charlotte. 

Dr. Windholz wrote the entry on Pavlov in the APA's Encyclopedia of Psychology.  He presented several interesting historical papers at the Society's annual meetings, and published frequently in the Society's journals (see a compilation of his articles below; the title of the Society journal appears in bold font).  He was described by John Furedy as "a real historian in the sense that he focused much more on his subject than his own experiences." 

Published writings of George Windholz

compiled from a search of PsycINFO on June 19, 2003 by W. J. Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer

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